After The Calm is a five-piece band from Phoenix, Arizona. Their music combines elements of punk-rock, alt-rock and post-hardcore, for a unique sound that is guaranteed to get your adrenaline rushing. They released their 5-song EP in October of 2016, followed by 2 original music videos and a single in 2017. 2018 however brought them to new heights, they played with Authority Zero, earned a spot on the last Van’s Warped Tour, and released three singles. In 2021 they released their highly anticipated sophomore EP Digital Therapy. After The Calm is definitely creating a buzz and should be on your “must see live” list.

  • No upcoming events scheduled yet. Stay tuned!

*Hospitality – After The Calm will require the following be available in support of any and all professional performances:

  • Both cold and room temperature water available
  • Appropriate parking space for vehicle and trailer

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