It’s Done… or IS IT?

Hello everyone,

Thank you for visiting our website. I thought since this is my first real website I might as well christen it with a blog post. It’s 10:25 pm and I still have a few hours left to put into this.

Anyways, those of you who don’t know me my name is David Nuñez and I am the lead guitarist of After the Calm. I’m super excited to release this to you all tomorrow morning. Many hours contributed to this masterpiece 😉 and I hope it’s easy to navigate. Now with this being my first website there may be unforeseen bugs. If they happen please let us know and I will try to remedy the situation as fast as possible. But I will say, I did my best to squash as many before the launch. This is now the hub of all things ATC and with it comes great benefits. We have our own merch store that has some great products and the selection will expand as I have more to time to design them.

I’m not one to drag things out so that will be all for this post. We thank all of you, our fans, for contributing as much as you do and we will continue to show growth with all of you behind us.

With Great Love, -D